Budget Policy

The Williamson County Commissioners Court has adopted the Budget Policy for Fiscal Year 2022. You can view a copy of it here.

Budget Order

The Annual County Budget Order is in Adobe Acrobat format. Please see the following link to obtain the most recent copy of Adobe Reader.

Budget in Brief

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Budget Calendar

  3 FY ‘23 Capital Request Information Sent Out 
13 New Personnel/Re-class Request Information Sent Out 

09 Budget Kickoff Workshop - Goals, Objectives, & Priorities (Comm. Court, HR, Auditor & Budget Office)
14 PowerPlan Training Offered Weekly / Dates & Sign Up Posted on SharePoint 

18 New Personnel/Re-class Requests/Decision Packages Due in PowerPlan  
1-25 Pre-Budget Meetings between County Departments and Budget Office (optional)

  1 FY ‘23 Capital / Facility Requests Due
14 2nd Budget Workshop (Comm., Court, E.O.s and DHs) 10:00-Noon

  2 PowerPlan Closed/Locked for Input/Requests.
10 Presentation by Alvin Lankford/Chief Appraiser

10 Pre-Recommendation Departmental Presentations (Optional)

22 PowerPlan Open for Viewing Recommendations 

  2 FY 23 Budget Presentation to Court (During Commissioners Court) 
  2 Post-Recommendation Public Hearing/Departmental Presentations (Optional)
  9 Budget Modification Voting Session
16 23 Budget Modification Voting Session
30 Adopt 2022 - 2023 Budget 

13 3rd Budget Workshop / Capital Needs
27 4th Budget Workshop / Capital Needs (if needed)

Charts & Graphs

FY23 Budget Summary by Fund Road & Bridget $57,947,339 11% of Total. Debt Service Fund $164,965,819 33% of Total. General Fund $282,468,650 56% of Total

FY 23 Adopted Employee Summary by Function (Williamson County Full-Time Employees Total 1865) Community Services 57 employees 3%, Road & Bridge 150 employees 8%, Judicial 277 employees 15%, General Government 313 employees 17%, Public Safety 1068 employees 57%

Williamson County Budget History Williamson County Tax Rate History