Important Announcement

As of January 1, 2016, Respondents are responsible for complying with the Texas Government Code Section 2252.908. The law states that Williamson County may not enter into certain contracts with a Respondent unless the Respondent submits a disclosure of interested parties to Williamson County at the time the Respondent submits the signed contract to Williamson County. Instructions are posted here.

Supplier Information

Doing Business with Williamson County

Successful business relationships require a mutual understanding of the basic needs and expectations of the related parties. The Purchasing Department works closely with individual departments in order to closely match their needs with competing suppliers. Here are some basic keys to success for our current, future and ongoing business relationships:

  1. Download and review How to do Business with Williamson County - A Guide for Interested Suppliers.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the procedures the county uses in publicly advertising for bids
  3. Provide information about your company including commodities and services you can provide to
         a. Relevant county departments 
         b. The Purchasing Department
  4. Visit this web site often for updates

Contact Information

The Purchasing Department is located at 100 Wilco Way, Suite P101, Georgetown, Texas 78626; (512) 943-3553 or purchase@wilco.org.

Normal business hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 noon & 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

Bidding on County Goods, Service and Projects

Williamson County utilizes Bonfire as the electronic method for the solicitation of all Quotes, Invitations for Bid, Requests for Qualifications, and Requests for Proposals. 

Suppliers who would like to bid on current and future county goods, services and projects are encouraged to visit our Purchasing Department web page in order to:

  1. Review How to do Business with Williamson County - A Guide for Interested Suppliers.
  2. Register with Bonfire. Registration is free using the Register for Bids link on the web page.
  3. Submit all bids electronically via Bonfire.

Instructions for Submitting a Bid Electronically

Please Note:  Paper bid submittals will continue to be received.  Any paper bids must be received and time stamped in the Purchasing Office before the bid closing time and date. BIDS RECEIVED EVEN ONE MINUTE LATE CANNOT BE LEGALLY CONSIDERED AND WILL BE REJECTED!

Information on Past bids and Proposals

Information on current or past bids and proposals may be quickly viewed via the search links on the Purchasing Department Web page:  https://wilco.bonfirehub.com/portal/?tab=openOpportunities.

Bids prior to June 2015 may be viewed using the Bid Archive link.  Any bids containing price information are available for public inspection at the Purchasing Department during regular working hours. County employees are not required or encouraged to provide bid prices by telephone.

Williamson County utilizes Bonfire as an electronic method for the solicitation of all Quotes, Invitations for Bid, Requests for Qualifications, and Requests for Proposals.  Pricing for these bids is available for viewing inside of each electronic bid, after free registration with Bonfire.

In addition, all bids are advertised in the local Williamson County Sun newspaper, at least two weeks in advance of the Bid Opening Date.

Awards and Protests

Award of a contract will be made to the bidder who submits the lowest and best bid which conforms to specifications, terms, and conditions of the invitation for bid.

In the case of a protest or dispute, any supplier may write to the Director of Purchasing, 100 Wilco Way, Suite P101, Georgetown, Texas 78626, outlining any concerns which may exist.

Tax Status

The County is exempt from any sales, excise or Federal transportation taxes. Any Purchase Order issued is sufficient proof of Williamson County’s exempt status as provided by Sales Tax Rule 3.322

Delivery of Goods

The purchase order will specify the appropriate delivery address.

Please note:

  1. Substitutions of items specified in a purchase order are not permitted without prior written approval.
  2. The County assumes no liability for payments of purchases except those incurred in accordance with current purchasing regulations.

Invoice Submittal

Invoices for materials/supplies delivered should be submitted to the requesting department

Payment Inquiries

Payment inquiries should be directed to the Williamson County Auditor’s Office, Accounts Payable Department:  accountspayable@wilco.org, or 512-943-1500