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Constable Precinct 1
Mickey Chance
1801 East Old Settler Blvd. #105
Round Rock, Texas 78664
Phone (512) 244-8650
Fax (512) 244-8662

Hours of operation
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. open through lunch

Precinct Map
Driving Directions

Community Event Requests

Our office is committed to your community and are honored to serve you, with that being said, if we can ever be of any assistance please feel free to contact us at 512-244-8650

Some of the services, more specific to your HOA, that we can offer include;

1. Attending HOA meetings

2. Giving presentations about the Constable’s Office and our role in your community

3. Attending community events such as National Night Out, Neighborhood Parades, etc

4. We can also present at events for Boys Scout, Girl Scouts, etc.

I’ve included the link to our website, and Facebook page below. The Constable’s Office looks forward to a wonderful relationship for years to come.

Precinct 1 Website

Precinct 1 Facebook page