Sue Ann Huskey - "Corona Girl"

On September 25 1989, two Texas highway department workers pulled off I-35 in Jarrell at exit 277 just south of CR 304 to eat their lunch. They stopped under a large tree and one worker got out of the truck to relieve himself. He saw the remains of a female a few feet further from the highway behind a fence. One of the workers stayed at the scene while the other went to call the police.

It was determined that the victim had been at that location for several days due to the state of decomposition of her remains. The victim was nicknamed “Corona Girl” because of the Corona beer t-shirt she was wearing when she was found.

The victim had no identification with her. Forensic artist Karen T. Taylor drew a 2D reconstruction from the skull of the victim. The drawing was distributed to the media but the victim remained unidentified. Detectives followed up leads on missing persons from around the country for several years but none led to a positive ID.

Front and back of the tshirt matching that of Corona Girl, hand shredded as hers was.

Front and Back of the tshirt matching that of Corona Girl, hand shredded as hers was.

Drawing by Karen T. Taylor

Drawing by Karen T. Taylor

In 2019 when forensic artist Natalie Murry joined the Cold Case Unit, she did a new digital 2D reconstruction of Corona Girl. DNA Doe Project also got a sample of DNA from the remains and started building a family tree for the unidentified victim. Around Christmas of 2019, DNA Doe Project was able to identify this victim as Sue Ann Huskey through forensic genealogy. Sue Ann lived in Sulphur Springs TX at the time of her disappearance in 1989. There was not a missing persons report for her in NCIC, so she was never located as a possible match for this victim.

Natalie Murry's Sketch

Natalie Murry's Sketch

Sue Ann Huskey

Sue Ann Huskey

DNA Doe Project

When Sue Ann was identified, Rockdale Memorial Company generously created and donated a memorial stone for her previously unmarked grave at the IOOF Cemetery in Georgetown. Sue Ann lies next to our other cold case victim, Debra Larned (aka Orange Socks).

Rockdale Memorial Company employees Pat Zapata and Miguel Hernandez setting the stone.

Rockdale Memorial Company employees Pat Zapata and Mguel Hernandez setting the stone at Sue Ann Huskey's grave.

Detective Jason Cox at Sue Ann Huskey’s

Detective Jason Cox at Sue Ann Huskey's grave.

While Sue Ann has been identified, her killer remains unknown. Detectives want to reconstruct her last days in 1989 to find out who she was with and what she was doing 200 miles south of her home in Sulphur Springs. If you have any information about Sue Ann’s whereabouts or who she may have been with in the summer or fall of 1989, please contact Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit.

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