If you have already taken a DNA test, you can upload it to GEDmatch and to FamilyTreeDNA to assist law enforcement with identifying unknown remains as well as solving crimes against persons.  

IF YOU HAVE NOT TESTED AND WISH TO TEST, WE RECOMMEND TESTING WITH ANCESTRY.COM, this is not an professional  endorsement, but AS THEY HAVE THE LARGEST DATABASE, in the event you decide that you want to learn more about your personal genealogy. Law Enforcement does not have any connections to Ancestry and cannot access your DNA there.  You have to download from the site you test with and upload to GEDmatch, FamilyTreeDNA and DNASolves to assist with investigations.  

If you tested with Ancestry, click here for instructions on how do download DNA.

If you tested with MyHeritage, click here for instructions on how to download DNA.  

If you tested with FamilyTreeDNA, click here for instructions on how to download DNA.  

If you tested with 23andMe click here for instructions on how to download DNA.

Uploading to GEDMatch: 

Create an account at GEDMatch.  You DO NOT have to use your real name or your usual email address.  For privacy issues, you may create an email account just for this upload and use an alias.  

gedmatch register

Upload your downloaded DNA file. 


If you opt in, Law Enforcement can see your matches.  If you use an alias, they will have no way of identifying you but may email you. In the event you do receive an email, they will likely ask for your family tree at least to your grandparents.  You do not have to give them this information, however, they will only ask if they are investigating a violent crime against a person or trying to identify remains.  

Upload to FamilyTreeDNA:

Create an account, then upload your downloaded DNA file.  Again, use a pseudonym or nickname and an anonymous email address if you do not want to be identified.  However, remember, you may be contacted by law enforcement asking for assistance by providing members of your family.  It may be as distant as third or fourth cousins, and you are not obligated to provide assistance.  However, your assistance could help identify a rapist, a murderer, or the remains of an unidentified person and help that person's family by  letting them know where a missing family member is.  

Upload to DNASolves: 

The DNASolves database is used exclusively to aid human identification investigations in order to help law enforcement resolve cases. 

To upload: register here and upload your downloaded DNA file.  

The identification of both "Orange Sock" and "Corona Girl" were assisted by DNA, specifically the DNA Doe Project.  

If you have information on one of our cases...

Please contact us at coldcasetips@wilco.org or 512-943-5204.