Corridor C / SH 29 Bypass

Location: Connector from Sam Houston Ave. at Patriot Way to SH 29 

Description: The first phase of the project includes the construction of a two-lane road from Sam Houston Ave. at Patriot Way to SH 29 with a bridge over SH 130. Future phases to construct the ultimate buildout of the road could take several decades and will depend on growth and available funding. 

Status: Williamson County launched the Corridor C Study in June 2017 to enhance safety and mobility by planning for a controlled access road from Sam Houston Ave. at Patriot Way to SH 29. The schematic was finalized in July 2019 after the County held two open houses in 2017 to gather input from the community as part of the study. Additionally, the project team analyzed environmental constraints, such as floodplains and historic properties, and minimized impacts to homes and businesses. Due to rising construction costs, construction of the project has been put on hold pending identification of additional funding. 

Contact: Email roads@wilco.org or phone 512-943-1195. 


This map represents the route for the interim project, which connects to SH 29 at a different location than the ultimate project will. For a closer look at the ultimate road, please refer to "Corridor C Schematic August 2019" in the Materials and Document section. 

Corridor C Map