How Can I Help?

Welcome to the one-stop-shop for people who want to support the response to COVID-19 in Williamson County. Below is a list of the opportunities to pitch in.

“The Wilco Way is about helping others, and we are so proud of the amazing people who have stepped up to meet this challenge,” said Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel.

Donations and Masks

Donation Drop Off

The Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) is still in need of non-medical items to be delivered to vulnerable populations and elderly residents. If you have any of these items and would like to donate them, please email COAD@wilco.org, and we will let you know where to drop off the items.

They are primarily in need of new goods in original packaging that are in short supply such as: 
Home manufactured cloth face coverings*
Hand sanitizer 
Antibacterial soap 
Disinfectant wipes 
Latex free gloves 
NEW thermometers 
Eye protection goggles or glasses 
Face shields 
Protective Gowns 
Adult and child diapers 
Cleaning supplies 
Dish soap 
Laundry detergent 
Bath soap 

The COAD is also accepting a limited list of non-parishable food items (All items must be in a sealed package/ unopened, in date and no glass) including: 
Cereal boxed 
Dry rice 
Dry beans 
Mac-n-cheese boxes 
Mash potato boxes 
Canned tuna 
Canned veggies 
Canned chicken 
Canned pasta 
Spaghetti dry 
Canned pasta sauce 
Canned chili 
Chicken broth (box or can) 
Plastic jars of peanut butter 
Baking mixes 
Ketchup/Mayo/Mustard (plastic) 
Baby food (pouched) 
Baby formula (dry) 
Juice boxes 

Other items not listed above will not be accepted at this time. These items will be distributed to social service and non-profit organizations who will deliver them to Williamson County residents in need.  

For questions or information about the COAD, please email COAD@wilco.org.

Mask Brigade

Wilco Face Mask Brigade

Williamson County seeks volunteers who are experienced Embroiderers, Seamsters, and Sewers to serve in our Mask Brigade..

Do you have an embroidering machine? Do you have a sewing machine that you are ready to use during social distancing? How about scissors? We are looking for you! We have supplies, we have instructions, and  we need your help.

What is the Mask Brigade?

In partnership with the Covid Rangers, Sun City Volunteers, Celebration Church, and with generous support from Reid’s Cleaners in Round Rock, Williamson County is organizing volunteers to make 100% cotton, non-medical-grade, masks to support first responders medical professionals, and vulnerable residents in Williamson County. The goal is to provide the masks to specially identified groups who are at risk during this time through official distribution channels.

I need a mask. How do I get one?

Please note that the mask brigade is not making masks for public distribution. Masks are being distributed through official channels to first responders, medical professionals, nursing homes, and other essential personnel.

All groups needing masks should submit a request by completing this request form belowIf you are a first responder (i.e. Fire, Police, EMS): Please contact your chain of command to submit one request for your organization. Orders to municipalities will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is the Mask Brigade making masks for public distribution?

No. Mask Brigade members are making masks in mass quantities for specially identified groups (first responders, medical personnel, nursing home residents, and other at-risk groups). These masks will be distributed to those groups through official channels. BUT…you can use these patterns to make masks for your personal use or to distribute to family and friends! ;

Important Note Regarding Masks:

Mask Brigade masks are homemade masks constructed solely by local volunteers utilizing their equipment and donated fabric and materials. This mask is not an N95 Respirator mask, a surgical mask, or any form of approved medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE). There is no guarantee or warranty that this mask will in any way prevent the spread of COVID-19 or protect the wearer in any way from contracting COVID-19. It has been created solely in response to the CDC’s latest and most current recommendation for cloth face coverings and is intended to be used only as a “better than nothing” alternative when no approved medical PPE is available.


I want to make masks. How does this work?

If you join the brigade, you may use your own material (100% cotton, quilters fabric) and your supplies to complete the project. Or, you may sign up to pick up a kit for use in preparing masks for the Mask Brigade. You can then go to town making masks with your equipment, the Covid Ranger or Covid Safety pattern, and either your supplies or the kit we provide. Once you are finished making masks, you should drop them off at the Celebration Church Annex (see below). We will quality check each mask, Reid’s Cleaners will sanitize the masks, and they will be packaged for distribution and use!

What kind of masks is the Mask Brigade making

We are asking volunteers to create two specific types of masks based on the patterns below that are designed to provide enhanced protection to high risk populations:

Covid Ranger Mask – their N95 mask in order to extend the life of the medical-grade mask.  OVER their N95 mask in order to extend the life of the medical-grade mask.
Sewing machine Pattern: We are using the https://covidrangers.com/#guides patterns for creation of the masks, or you can download this PDF document with step by step directions.

COVID Safety Mask – Designed for general use to by nursing home residents and other at-risk groups provide enhanced safety as people go about their day, while still observing social distancing

Sewing Machine Pattern: You can download this PDF document with step by step directions.

Embroiderers: We are using the https://appliquealley.com/free-designs/ith-face-mask-aaeh/ patterns for creation of the masks. Please note: to use the design from Applique Alley, you need to create an account, and add the patterns to your “shopping cart”, but these are free-of-charge patterns, and you are not charged at “checkout”. You can easily download the patterns to your embroidering machine. There is also a How-To video for pleating..

I have my own sewing machine and supplies and want to help. What do I do next?

If you are willing to sew and have your own machine and materials. Please make your preferred masks using one of the patterns above, and drop off masks at Celebration Church Annex (see below). Please mark on the outside of the bag the number and type of masks in the bag.

I have my own sewing machine, but no supplies. Can I participate?

Absolutely! We would be happy for you to make the Covid Safety Mask, and we have limited quantities of raw materials available. You can pick up a Kit of raw materials that will make 25 masks at the Celebration Church Annex (see directions below) .

I have an embroidering machine. How can I help?

If you have an embroidery machine and would like to volunteer to make masks you can do so by contacting covidembroiderymasks@gmail.com.

Can I loan my extra sewing machine to the Covid Rangers?

If you have an extra sewing machine that you would like to loan, please label with the owner’s name, address, phone and email and drop off at Celebration Church annex.

Do you accept supply donations? I don’t sew or embroider, but I still want to help.

Yes! We welcome supply donations. Please be sure that the contents of the donation are clearly labeled on the outside of the bag. Items that we will continue to be in need of are:

  • Fabric (must be 100% cotton, quilters quality fabric or 100% cotton flannel)
  • All purpose thread of all colors
  • ¼ inch elastic
  • bias tape all colors
  • interfacing
  • straight pins

Where do I donate supplies or drop off completed masks?

Manufactured masks and supplies can be dropped off Monday through Thursday between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm at:
Celebration Church – Annex Building
601 Westinghouse,
Georgetown, Tx 78626
(Follow signage for building and entrance)

I don’t drive. How can I get completed masks to you?

When completed, the masks must be dropped off at Celebration Church Annex (see address above) unfortunately, we are unable to coordinate deliveries of supplies or pick-up of completed masks at this time.

Who are our partners in this effort?

Williamson County is proud to partner with the founder of COVID Rangers
(https://covidrangers.com/) and with Reid’s Cleaners of Round Rock
(https://www.reidsdrycleaners.com/) in this effort to provide support to our local medical and first responder communities.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have questions that are not answered above, please contact Williamson County via email at COVID-19Masks@wilco.org.

Mask Request